About Us

Last Update 22 Nov 2020

GasBazaar.com - the world's first and only B2B portal designed specifically for gas companies located around the world. Gas companies can advertise their products on our web portal and submit them to the directory of the world's largest gas companies. Every day, GasBazaar.com is visited by hundreds of companies, and companies have the opportunity to meet with other companies and conduct direct deals among themselves. GasBazaar.com does not sell products and does not charge a commission. GasBazaar.com promotes companies and products.

We have been working in the GasBazaar.com information network for over 10 years. We currently have access to the contact details of more than 25,000 gas companies. This number will increase in the coming years.

We expect you to regularly visit Gasbazaar.com and add adverts.


GasBazaar.com , which started working with 10 years of experience and an updated modern infrastructure, was created to promote the products of gas companies. You can share your publications on our website for free.

  • Registration is absolutely free and will always be free.
  • Advertising and promotion of goods is free.
  • Get the data of the required gas company for free.

Now start enjoying all these features by becoming a member of GasBazaar.com. Find the right product or share it with everyone!